Terms and Conditions

Read All Terms & Conditions related to our BTCRound 3 Days System

We believe trust & transparency, we are following given terms & Conditions to double bitcoin. Our terms & Conditions are simple but you need to know all about it.

  • General
    1.1 Country of Residence is not matter, means Residence of any country can invest on BTCROUND in 3 Days System.
    1.2 Only individual person can invest on BTCROUND in 3 Days System, if you are a firm/company then sorry for it, our aims to promote individual earning not firm/company.
    1.3 Any individual person who have complete his/her age 18 year can invest on BTCROUND in 3 Days System.
    1.4 Please remember past performance is not guarantee about future performance, you need to agree about risk before investing on BTCROUND in 3 Days System, we never taken any guarantee or liability for any loss.

    Depositing funds
    2.1 BTCROUND in 3 Days System only deal with Bitcoin, we only accept Bitcoins and as payout only transfer Bitcoins, never transfer any other cryptocurrency except Bitcoins to us.
    2.2 BTCROUND in 3 Days System accept 0.01 BTC as Minimum investment & 0.1 BTC as maximum investment, please remember carefully below minimum (0.01 BTC) & more than maximum (0.1 BTC) investment amount count as a donation amount on BTCROUND in 48 Hours System.

    3.1 as other modern websites BTCROUND in 3 Days System also store user data on our secure servers, our servers are store user data on hack proof environment to ensure your data security. BTCROUND in 3 Days System use smart firewall, latest antivirus technique, SSL, IP Policy & Ddos Protection to secure your user data. We never share your data to any third party to any circumstances.

    4.1. BTCROUND in 48 Hours System provide you payout after 3 Days of your investment.
    4.2. BTCROUND in 48 Hours System calculate 48 hours from 3 time confirmation via blockchain not from your investment time, so might be your payout time not exact 48 Hours.
    4.3 Mostly BTCROUND in 3 Days System take 30 minute to process all payouts but sometime due to high payout processing it will take another 5 to 7 Hours to process payouts using queue technique.

    For any query/feedback you can write us on [email protected] our dedicated support team provides you solution within 48 hours. You can also send us your testimonial regarding our service/payout with your name & photo, we will publish it on our homepage.